Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Real vaccinate chupidness in T&T

By Dr Kwame Nantambu
September 01, 2021

Within recent times, massive chupidness has overtly erupted in T&T in regard to Trinbagonians taking their jabs. Indeed, the clarion call has been publicly bandied about to the extent that Trinbagonians are "skeptical" and "hesitant" toward agreeing to take their jabs. No problema.

The salient fact of the matter is that it is a well-known and accepted fact that Trinbagonians just have a magnetic love for "foreign." In other words, this writer is of the totally firm conviction that Trinbagonians are "skeptical" solely because they have noticed albeit totally brainwashed that Americans feel that way also. Totally false and stupid.

And this is despite the fact that Trinbagonians just do not have the slightest notion/clue as to why Americans are "skeptical."

In reality, Trinbagonians are just swallowing all of the medical misinformation they hear on US Fox News Cable TV and perpetuated by right-wring conspiratorial commentators including former president Donald John Trump. Indeed, let the record reveal that while he was in office, then president Donald John Trump suggested that Americans should drink disinfectant to cure COVID.

Truth Be Told; What Trinbagonians do not realize and/or know is that although these right-wing Republicans are urging Americans not to take the vaccines, however, they themselves have indeed taken the same vaccines. In fact, Donald Trump has already taken the vaccines secretly and it must be assumed that the rest of his family also did.

In other words, these right-wingers are selling these utterly false medical misinformation solely based on politics. These individuals just do not want President joe Biden to succeed politically as a result of this pandemic.

Furthermore, their obdurate sub-conscious mind-set is that Joe Biden "stole" the election from Donald Trump. They do not recognize Joe Biden as a legitimate president. period. Trinbagonians need to clearly understand this pivotal political fact. This entire issue is all about politics not medical science.

Truth Be Told: Trinbagonians need to listen to the medical scientists of the World Health Organization (WHO) and not political scientists at home or abroad.

Hard-core facts about the vaccines:

  1. These vaccines were manufactured and tested in independent/private labs by medical scientists in the United States. They were not manufactured and tested by any medical scientists in any department of the US government. In addition, these vaccines were not manufactured and tested by medical scientists in a lab in Balisier House or Rienzi Complex.

  2. These vaccines were approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US government and seconded by the medical scientists of the WHO.

The bottom-line is that these vaccines were not approved per a Cabinet Note submitted by the Minister of Health . And most importantly, they were neither approved by the CARICOM Health Organization nor the Medical Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT).

  1. The Ministry of Health takes its instructions from the WHO and not from the PNM's government National Security Council. Furthermore, the WHO instructs the ministry as to what vaccines to combine as a second dose; it is not instructed by MATT.

  2. It is vital for adult Trinbagonians to remember and to recall that the only reason why they are alive today is the salient medical truism that luckily /fortunately their parents were not "skeptical" or "hesitant" to give them vaccines to deal with yellow fever, small pox and polio. That's why you are alive today. Your parents saved you as children.

So, if adults today choose to be "skeptical" and "hesitant", then, their children will die and unlike your parents of yesterday, you all will never be grandparents today, period.

  1. Trinbagonians must understand that these vaccines were ordered and produced during the presidency of Donald John Trump under his policy titled "Operation Warp Speed"; however, because of the Big Lie that Joe Biden "stole" the election from Donald Trump, it need occasion no great surprise that all 27 states with Republican governors, particularly Ron De Santos of Florida , are vehemently now pushing back on mandating the wearing of masks. In fact, 59 per cent of Republicans refuse to get vaccinated.

As President Joe Biden insists "Freedom comes with responsibility". So, while it is your right not to vaccinate, you also bear the responsibility not to put other people's lives at extreme dangerous risk. In other words, if you exercise your freedom not to vaccinate, then, you automatically transform yourself into a Weapon of Mass Human Destruction + Death viis-a-vis your community and the nation at large. You thus become a bone fide/certified medical criminal. Ipso facto, there is no real difference between you and a gang member--both of you all are criminals.

In the United States there exists the "pandemic of the unvaccinated"; in T&T there exists the pandemic of the "skeptical", "hesitant" stupid/chupid unvaccinated, period.

In the final analysis, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley must decree that there will be absolutely no carnival celebration until the Minister of Health officially informs him that 95.5% of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated as in having received their two jabs In other words:

Vaccinate to wine and congregate
Vaccinate to pelvic gyrate
And if you meet somebody who could wine better than you
Dat's de sign to go quick, quick, quick and get jab two
But if you choose not to vaccinate and deny
Then go in a quiet corner by your "skeptical", "hesitant', stupid/chupid lonesome and die
Sans Humanite….

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is Professor Emeritus Kent State University.

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