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Bas-o-dee September 16, 2006
Political power, they tell me, is potentially more damaging to the brain than psychotropic substances and capable of permanent mind-altering consequences after just one term in office so, given the duration of Basdeo Panday's stewardship as helmsman of a succession of parties; he may well be suffering the effects of an overdose. more

Luminaries express cautious optimism
about Academy for Performing Arts
August 27, 2006
Lifted from a distinctly different context, the premise of Macbeth's first soliloquy: "If it were done, then when its done, 'twere well it were done quickly," largely sums up views articulated by three artistic luminaries about Government's pledge of an Academy for the Performing Arts, although plaudits were accompanied by varying degrees of apprehension. more

Goodbye, dear friends August 25, 2006
Regretfully, this is my last column, as tenure with the Express expires on Independence Day, a month shy of 27 years since I was first invited to publish my opinion in this newspaper. more

Dehumanising our youth August 11, 2006
Although commanding an incalculably large viewing audience, MTV hasn't made proportionate contribution to the sum of human dignity it met at first airing 25 years ago, except there is value hidden somewhere in the dehumanisation of black youth. more

Not the same old story August 04, 2006
Information recently released by the Ministry of Social Development's Division of Ageing indicates that, in nine years' time persons aged between 55 and 64 will outnumber those in the 15 to 25 bracket which, for some of us, is the best news in decades. more

Emancipation Rising July 28, 2006
Up to just ten years ago, annual Emancipation observances ranked for little more than public holiday value, even beneficiaries of African heritage avoiding overt connection with the cause, prevaricating on whether it wasn't simply street theatre and even so, of fleeting merit. more

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